Fasela Haa

17 September 2018 | Sat to Thu at 6:30PM

Deniz has everything a woman can ask for, she has a wealthy life and lives happily with her two lovely children and a handsome husband. She has been raised without seeing any hardship. Therefore, she is well-intentioned all the time and trusts all the people around her.

Afghanistan VS Palestine

24 July 2018 | Ended

Kabul will host a friendly match between Afghanistan and Palestine national football teams in August 19 to mark the Independence Day of Afghanistan, the football federation said on Friday.

Special EID Shows

12 June 2018 | On Eid Days & Nights

On the occasion of Eid Fitre, TOLO TV is presenting a variety of great and amazing shows.

Our Story

5 June 2018 | Sat to Thu at 8PM

Filiz is a young girl who has been forced to take care of her five younger siblings since her mother left them. Her father Fikri is an alcoholic man who causes different problems for the family now and again.